Instructions on how to play Poker Blackjack for new players

How to playPoker Blackjack How to win the most is always a question for beginners when they first start playing this betting sport. If you don’t know where to find information about them, let New 88 show you the secrets that only professionals know.

Things to know about Poker Blackjack

Poker Blackjack is known as Blackjack, an extremely attractive type of online card betting. They appeared earliest in large casinos, and were introduced into online betting thanks to the speed of development of the internet and bookmakers nationwide.

In addition to the card name Blackjack, Poker Blackjack is also known by many people in the profession as the 21-point game. Because to win, players need to take advantage of their luck to draw cards with a total number close to or equal to 21 points. If there is more than that, you will immediately lose.

Game rules and commonly used symbols

To become professional bettors, new players ofBookmaker New88 Please note that you need to memorize all the rules of the game, as well as the symbols of this attractive betting game. If you don’t memorize and remember, you will lose sooner or later.

Symbols you will see when playing Poker Blackjack

First, new players should carefully memorize the most common symbols of Poker Blackjack such as:

  • Dealer: That means the dealer, in Casinos there will be 1 to 2 professional dealers, helping you deal the cards one by one.
  • Small Blind (SB): The first player of the match, on the left hand side of the dealer (Dealer). The SB will be responsible for betting half the BB or the full amount, if their total amount is more than all the remaining money on the betting table.
  • Big Blind (BB): The player on the right hand side of the Dealer, who will have the first right to bet at the beginning of the game and the bet amount must be double the SB.
  • Early Position: Sitting in the third position to the left of the Dealer, this person must act before the people on the table.

The easiest way to calculate points

The way to calculate the score for this type of bet is very simple, you just need to remember that the total score of all cards is the total score of the hand you hold. Among them, there are some special pieces such as J,Q,K,A which will correspond to 11,12,13 or 1.

For example: Your hand has 3 cards including A,5,6, then the total of that hand will be the sum of A + 5 + 6 = 1 + 5 + 6 = 12 points

What is the payout rate at New88?

At New88 we have some attractive payout rates, with extremely high commission bonuses such as:

  • Regular bonus payout at 1 to 1 ratio
  • Bonus paid in the form of insurance at a ratio of 1 to 2
  • The payout in the form of Blackjack is 2 to 3

Tips for winning Poker Blackjack

If you are a new player playing Poker Blackjack, you definitely need to know these tips to win every game, specifically as follows:

Determine the appropriate time to split cards

When playing poker atNew88 casino, the first thing is to determine when to split the cards and when not to. If you notice that you have pairs of Aces or 8s in your hand, split the cards to create two stronger hands. Or you can also split the 8 pair when the dealer has an open card of 9 or less, and split the Ace pair when the dealer has an open card of 4, 5 or 6 which is a reasonable rule.
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Along with that, New88 recommends that you keep the pair or trio from the beginning to increase your chances of having a strong hand. This way, you will determine the appropriate time to split the cards, increasing your chances of winning.

When should I choose to stop reading?

As for stopping playing, you will see some signs such as a total score of 17 or more, this will be an easy thing to recognize and carries a big risk for you. So if that’s the case, stop playing and keep the pair of 10s or aces from the beginning to increase your chances of getting Blackjack.

Tips to double bet to win big rewards

The tip to multiply bets will be one of the most dramatic tricks of this type of betting. Many bettors shared that they were very lucky when they chose to double their bet, thus taking home a huge amount of money.

Some signs that you should double your bet are when the total score of your two cards is 9 or 10. At this time, the probability of drawing 10, J, Q, K is very high, or else your card is yours. It’s already very high, so doubling the bet is completely reasonable.

Practice regularly to increase experience

To improve your level, the fastest way is to play every day. This will be a tip to help you not need to remember how to play the machine but still remember it for a long time. Go to New88’s website and practice every time you have free time, after a few days you will see your performance improve significantly.

Know when to stop at the right time

The important thing when playing Poker Blackjack is to stop wisely when you see you can no longer win the bet. If you draw 2 cards with a total of 17 points or more, stop drawing or if you have 16 points and the dealer has card number 6, you should also stop and choose the best option.

Some important notes that new players need to remember

Remember, even the most professional bettor will sometimes lose because of small mistakes, so what you need to do is remember the following notes carefully to avoid making these unfortunate mistakes. .

  • Pay attention to your opponents, especially when they have just looked at the cards, their facial expressions will tell you which cards their opponents own.
  • Understand the game rules and bets before starting
  • Summary of strategies that can be used


Above is all the information about the Poker Blackjack betting game at New88 that we have compiled for you. What you need to do now is to be well equipped with these things and be ready to step onto our stage today.

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