How much does skewer lot 2 cost? The most detailed way to calculate 2nd cross lotteries

How much does skewer lot 2 cost? is a question from many new bettors who play this type of game. Playing 2 parlays is easy but difficult to win, so the reward for 2 parlays will be very high. In this article, we will help you find out how much 2 skewers cost and how to calculate them in detail.

Overview of cross lotteries 2

New88 today Cross lot 2 is understood as a type of bet in the form of cross lotteries. Cross 2 means placing two numbers in one bet slip, for each bet. In case the lottery results are about both numbers you have chosen, you win 2. If it is only about one number or neither number, it is considered a loss.

Overview of the format of playing lottery 2

The 2-way format is chosen more often because it is simple and easy to apply. The chance of hitting skewer 2 is also higher than skewer 3 or 4. So How much does skewer number 2 cost? that makes so many people choose to play?

How much does skewer lot 2 cost? How to calculate skewness in 2 details

For lotto 2, its winnings will be different in each region or playing address. Each place will post a different reward level for players to know and bet easily. Below are some winning levels for 2nd lotto and its calculation:

How much does skewer lot 2 cost?

How many Northern stations will be won on skewer lot 2?

For the Northern station, the payout for lottery number 2 will be lower than the Central and Southern lottery stations. The reason is because the Northern lottery offers more prizes, with up to 27 prizes. Then How much does skewer number 2 cost? in the Northern station?

When playing 2 parlays at the Northern station, the reward is 1 to 10. The way to calculate the reward is that you multiply the bet amount by the win rate and you’re done. For example, if you bet 200k on the Northern lottery number 2, when you win, you will have a bonus amount of 200 x 10 = 2000k.

The win rate of lot 2 at the Northern station is 7.02%, which is an extremely low level. Therefore, to win you need to know how to play properly. Or you can choose to play here NEW88 for instructions on how to play lottery and always win.

How much does skewer lot 2 cost in the South?

When playing lotto 2 at the Southern station, the reward will be higher than the Northern station and the Central station. Because the number of prizes from the Southern station is only 15, the chance of winning the lottery is extremely low. The reward for 2nd parlay at the Southern station is 1 to 650. Of which, 1 point is 29k, how many points you bet is how much money you put in.

The way to calculate the reward for 2nd cross lotto in the South is understood through the following example:

You enter 2 points for Southern lottery number 2 with two numbers 44 and 67. When the result has both numbers, you win lottery number 2. The amount of money you need to put in is 58k, the reward is 37,700k.

However, the odds of winning lot 2 in the Southern station are very low, your chance of winning is only 3.06%. Therefore, to be able to play 2 Southern parlays must be very difficult.

Calculate the 2-way lottery prize in the Central region

For lottery number 2 when played at the Central station, the reward will be higher than the North but lower than the South. There are 18 prizes here, so the chance of winning is also higher than the Southern station. The possibility of winning the 2nd lotteries in the Central region is 3.27%.

So How much does skewer number 2 cost? at the Central station? The reward rate for 2nd parlay played at the Central station is 1 to 30. The calculation is easy to understand with the following example:

You choose to bet on 2 Central stations with two numbers 10 and 34. If you win both numbers, the reward you receive when betting 100k is 100 x 30 = 3000k.

The above bonus levels are all basic levels when playing in the traditional style. If you bet on cross lotteries at a reputable gaming site NEW88 The food level will be many times higher.
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How to play lottery 2 easily to win

When you understand How much does skewer number 2 cost? And with its winning rate, you can also see that the possibility of winning the lottery is not high. However, there are still many ways that can help you as follows:

Learn how to play 2-way lottery easily and win

Check every day

Cross lottery 2 is the easiest form of play because you only need to choose a few numbers. If you want to win, you should bet regularly. Continuously check the station you want to play and lock in the numbers that come up most often.

Raise skewers

Lottery farming is very familiar to lottery players, this helps you thoroughly play the best numbers. You just need to divide the money and raise it for 2 days or more to be effective.

See more dream books

Dream books are also a source of quality numbers that you cannot ignore. If you have a special dream, find the numbers here to bet on to ensure you win.


In the article above we have explained clearly How much does skewer number 2 cost? and its detailed calculation. Hopefully through this you can be proactive in calculating your bonus. In addition, also plan how much to play to tighten profits and losses.

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