How to easily play coin toss online and win big

Not just a game there How to play coin toss online Simple but this game also has simple rules. Players only need to learn how to play once to be able to play successfully and even play well and receive a large bonus.

How to play coin toss online

Xoc Dia online is a game loved by many people because of its simple gameplay and rules, so anyone can participate. Learn how to play coin toss online below so you can receive many great rewards.

Step 1: Choose the dealer’s shock

Each house usually has a different way of playing

  • Shake 1 coin: Dealer only uses 1 coin to shock and then gives the result to the player.
  • Shake 2 coins: Dealer will use 2 coins to shock and calculate the result as heads or tails.
  • Shake 4 coins: Dealer uses 4 coins with 2 red and white sides to shock and then show the results.

Most online bookies often use 4 to play coin, so in this article we will share how to play 4 coins.

Step 2: Predict the odds and place a bet

Players will select the Xoc Dia section on the house’s main interface, then predict the bet and place a bet. Normally there will be bets including: Bet on exact coin face, Even – Odd, Over – Under

  • Bet 4 red or 4 white.
  • Bet 3 red 1 white or 3 white 1 red.
  • Betting Over – Under.
  • Even – Odd Betting.

Each bet will have different winning and payout odds. The redemption rate of each bookmaker is different. If the player chooses a reputable bookmaker with a high bonus rate, the amount of bonus the player receives is very large.

Step 3: Wait for the results to be announced

After the player chooses the bet, places the pre-calculated bet amount on the bet, the Dealer will open the disc to announce the results. The payout rates of the bets are:

  • 4 red or 4 white: Bet* 15
  • 3 red or 3 white: Bet * 3.8
  • Over-Under : Bet* 1.98
  • Even – Odd: Bet *1.95

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Experience in playing coin toss online

To play coin toss, to win, you not only need to know how to play coin toss online but also need to have experience. If you are a new player without much experience, learn the following tips immediately.

Learn to listen and guess

When playing online coin toss at bookies with real people as Dealers, you can apply this online coin toss method. Since you can hear the sound of the dice, start by counting the number of times the Dealer shakes hard or lightly. Combined with the results of previous games, you will predict the results of the dice.

Read the table to guess the results

The position table, also known as the Even – Odd table, shows the results of previous bets. Players can rely on this data to make the correct next bet. Read the results and analyze the previous doors to see if there are any specific rules. If you have found the rule, try applying it correctly to place bets.

Choose 1 bet and double play

With this way of playing coin toss online, you don’t need to know too much, the only thing you need to prepare is to have a large amount of money.

Then you just need to choose a bet and start betting a small amount of money. If you win, continue to bet the same amount, and if you lose, double the amount on that same bet.

Betting statistics

This is a very effective way to play coin toss online for new players. At each table there is a section displaying betting statistics. You can choose the door that many players choose to bet on and bet accordingly. Because among these bettors, there will certainly not be a few experts. Just apply this strategy after a few games and understand the game’s own rules, then you can place your own bets.

Things to note when playing online coin toss

In addition to learning how to play dice online and playing experience, you also need to learn things to keep in mind. Below are 3 things to keep in mind if you want to play coin toss well. These 3 things are very basic and simple but not everyone can do it.

Maintain your mentality while playing

No matter how many ways you have learned to play coin toss online and how much experience you have, the most important thing to play this game well is to stay calm while playing. If your psychology is not good, it will lead to you choosing the wrong bet or making incorrect betting decisions. That’s why you should not play coin toss or any other red-black game when you are in a bad mood.

In addition, winning and losing in the game is extremely normal, especially for new players. That’s why you don’t need to be too bitter when you lose too much and lose the necessary calmness. If you are in a bad mood, you should stop playing.

Prepare playing capital

Before playing, you should prepare yourself a large enough capital to apply the playing style that you have calculated in advance. This amount should be extra money that has no impact on your current life. And especially, you absolutely should not borrow money to play to avoid losing money the more you play.

In addition, you also need to divide this capital in the most reasonable way. You should not bet too much money on one bet. If you don’t have a lot of money to play double, you can choose to divide the money you have into parts

Know when to stop

Xoc Dia is a game with great appeal, clearly demonstrated by the extremely large number of players accessing and betting on this game every day. Therefore, if you do not know when to stop, the amount of money you will lose will certainly be huge.

To know where your stopping point is, before playing you should set a specific rule about the amount of your winning bets and the amount of your losing bets. So that when you lose a limited amount of money, you will not feel too regretful and continue playing, affecting your playing strategy. Likewise, if you win big, you will not be tempted to continue playing but stop to avoid losing the bet.

Where to play coin toss online?

Currently, there are many online bookies born to meet the growing needs of players to play coin toss. Therefore, players will find it difficult to choose because they do not know which house to choose. If you are wondering what to find reputable bookmaker To apply the online coin tossing method that I learned Trang Chủ 789BET is the best choice for you.

Advantages of playing online coin toss at 789bet:

  • Ensure safety because this is a reputable bookmaker that has never been caught up in rumors of cheating players.
  • Secure information safely with the combination of many of the most modern encryption methods.
  • Diverse payment methods, players can deposit and withdraw money quickly.
  • Quickly pay winning rewards to people.
  • Diverse promotions are regularly updated
  • Simple account registration, quick account verification.

As you can see, How to play coin toss online It’s not too different from the traditional way of playing coin toss. Hopefully the information provided in the article has brought players useful experience and knowledge.

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