Hi88 Instructions on How to Play Cross Betting Effectively and Win Big

Hi88 is a high-class professional betting platform that is the preferred choice of red and black bettors. In today’s scope, we will guide you how to bet effectively. Bet for reference to get the full bonus every time you participate in betting.

What is cross betting in football?

According to the survey, this is the form of betting that many bettors choose when coming to bookmaker Hi88. Soccer parlay is simply a way for players to combine many different betting odds into the same bet ticket. Normally, professionals prioritize creating skewers from Asian handicaps, 1×2, over/under,…

When participating in cross bets, bettors do not need to invest too much capital and still have the opportunity to earn huge profits. However, to receive the full bonus, players need to accurately predict the odds formed in the string.

Instructions on how to calculate accumulator bets correctly in Hi88

To play soccer effectively, players need to master the money calculation formula. Depending on the odds created in the parlay, the profit received will have different calculations, specifically as follows:

Hi88 calculation instructions string When there is a draw, win/lose half the money

In this case, the calculation formula will be a bit more complicated. In theory, the string is still the product of the odds but is changed as follows:

  • Draw: Odds are 1.
  • Win half: Odds are [1 + (odds – 1)/2].
  • Lose half the money: Odds are calculated as ½.

Thus, the way to calculate the string is done according to the following general formula: Odds ratio = Winning ratiox (1 + (half winning odds -1)/2 x 1/2 (half losing odds) x 1 (draw odds)

Consider the example of a string made up of the following 3 specific odds:

Match result Select Ratio Bet results
England 2 – 0 France UK – 1.75 1.90 Half win
Germany 1 – 1 Italy Finance 2.25 1.80 Lose half
Russia 0 – 0 USA That is +0.5 1.95 Win

So the ratio of the skewer will be [ 1 + (1.90 – 1)/2] x ½ x 1.95 = 1.4137. When you bet 100k, you will receive winnings of 100k x 1.4137 = 141k.

Hi88 provides simple instructions for calculating pars when winning all single bets

In this situation, the reward you receive will be applied by the system according to the following simple formula: Odds of the string = Odds 1 x odds 2 x … x odds n. To make it easier to imagine, let’s consider an example of creating a cross from 3 bets: Chelsea 2.14, MU 2.08 and Liverpool 1.82. At this point, the odds of the string will be 2.14 x 2.08 x 1.82 = 8.10. If you invest 100k, the profit you receive is 8.10 x 100k = 810k.

Note when betting on football at bookmaker Hi88

In general, winning cross bets is relatively difficult and requires players to have a certain amount of experience. To hold the full reward in your hands, please note the following important issues:

  • Prioritize creating parlays from the odds in a match and focus on analyzing the odds.
  • Avoid creating strings that are too long because the reward is high but the probability of winning is low.
  • Consult experts’ opinions to choose the appropriate ratio.

Cross bet at Hi 88 is a safe choice to help bettors increase their chances of winning. Because reputable bookmakers provide a nine green odds table that is carefully analyzed by a team of experienced experts. However, this form is relatively difficult to play, so you need to consider carefully to minimize risks when betting.

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