What is Online Sic Bo? 3 Tips to Play at the Top Like a Pro

online dice is a betting game that is no longer strange to all players who are passionate about online betting. The rules of the game are extremely simple, the super attractive winning rate always makes participants more excited. If you want to become a professional player who can beat every game, then quickly explore with Nhà Cái New88.

Brief introduction about online dice

The game is also known by another name as Sic Bo, the entertainment version originated in China. Basically, each game will be conducted according to an extremely simple and compact process so anyone can participate.

The dealer will use 3 dice, with 6 different sides printed with small dots from 1 – 6. The task of each bettor when participating in the game online dice is to predict what the total score of the dice will be and then place it on the corresponding number.

In the game, you choose Over if you guess the total number that will come out in the bet is 11 – 17 points. In case you guess the score from 4 – 10, quickly choose to enter the under door immediately. After opening the results, the system will reward lucky people with the corresponding rate for participation.

The hottest forms of  online dice betting

What are the types of online Sic Bo betting games that receive the love of a large number of participants? Quickly update the accuracy below to make the exploration more interesting and exciting.

Betting on over/under

Players who choose this form of bounty hunting will need to pay attention to a few important things as follows:

  • Choose Over if you think the total number of buttons will be between 11 and 17.
  • Place money on the under bet if you predict that the total number of buttons from the 3 dice that will explode is from 4 to 10 points.

Gamer will lose if 3 balls online dice appear with the same value. In addition, the extremely attractive payout ratio is up to 1:1, so the opportunity to make huge money is completely within reach.

Bet on numbers

Gamers choosing to bet single will predict the total number of appearances of the buttons on the dice. Based on the frequency of the dice, the bettor will be paid an equivalent rate. For example, 1 time wins 1:1, 2 times gets 1:2 and 3 times will get a payout of up to 1:3.

Betting on dice totals online

This form of betting is designed to predict what the total of the 3 sides of the dice will be. Usually the totals will range from 4 to 17, however, it should be noted that 3 and 18 will not be calculated.

Odd/even bets

Simply put, the bettor will place money on an even number if he predicts that the total of the three dice is 4, 6, 8, or 10, 12 or 14, and 16 will be even. If 5, 7, 9 or 13, 15 or 17 come out, the bet will be on the odd bet. However, if the total result of the 3 dice is the same type, then any bet will be lost.

Betting on pair numbers

Gamers will participate in predicting and placing bets on couples with two identical dice. For example, if both dice land on the number 3, you will win. The payout in this type of bet is extremely attractive, receiving up to 1:8.

The winning strategy for betting on talent

Many people often think that  online dice games are simply a game of red and black. However, if you know how to apply the secret correctly, you can still easily earn real rewards for your wallet.

Understand how to play standard  online dice

Rookies who have just joined the bounty hunt and don’t know how to bet properly, please quickly apply the following:

  • Observe the odds of the over and under bets provided by the bookmaker. After that, if you notice that the Over door has a continuous explosion rate, the possibility is high plank The plan will still output the same. You continue to put down money for that bet to have a chance of winning up to 80%/
  • In case the fortunes and losses occur alternately, you should not invest money right away. The reason is because it is difficult to make an accurate judgment. At this time, bettors need to patiently wait for a beautiful ball to appear before officially entering the game.
  • If you see the results of 2 over and 2 under alternating, you can win up to 2 – 3 times. Realizing this sign, gamers should not hesitate, put money in and wait for luck right away!

Do not bet on multiple doors at the same time

Advice for those participating in reward hunting online dice You should not take too many bets. Because this makes us confused, making it difficult to analyze and judge carefully. If errors or mistakes occur, it is very easy to lose and lose all your money.

Absolutely not all-in

Players should not be too reckless because this poses a huge risk. Although this can help you make billions of dollars in an instant, if you lose, you can lose everything. Therefore, the smart entertainment way for gamers to divide their capital into small pieces to participate is still highly effective and safe.

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