How to win the lottery every day  with Useful Tips from Experts

How to play the lottery and win every day is an issue of great concern to bettors. Because when you understand these methods, you will limit capital losses and predict more professionally. These are all experiences drawn from many years of playing from experts in the field. The following article from Trang Chủ New88 will summarize in detail how to play lottery that you should not miss.

Playing the lottery every day, is it due to luck?

Most people think that lotteries are a form of gambling. Missing or winning depends on the “merit” of the bettor. This cannot be completely denied, but winning the lottery is not 100% due to luck.

In fact, there are many veteran lottery players who grasp it How to win the lottery every day . Often these people know how to find the rules and analyze to come up with the numbers with the highest probability of the day.

Revealing a few secrets on  How to win the lottery every day

Below New88 will share with you some top tips passed down by veteran players.

The way to play the lottery every day and win every day is based on memory

Tips How to play the lottery and win every day  Based on memory, most bettors choose to predict the lottery. From the advice of previous bettors, people can also apply the method of predicting fortune using silver memory when playing lottery betting.

But because you remember, there will be some numbers with a high probability of appearing in the previous drawing. Therefore, when playing in this form, you need to record the set of numbers that often appear together.

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Applying lottery numbers is the experience of winning the lottery every day

FightNorthern lottery prediction requires using number clamps to solve 4 or 5 numbers. Accordingly, you will see that today’s results table has ABA and ABCA prizes, and tomorrow we will raise lots BC or AB – BA. Besides, you can also combine bridges to play Northern lottery. Some of the most successful types of bridge combinations include:

  • Match the last number of prize 4.4 with the second number of prize 4.1
  • Match the last number of prize 6.3 with the first number of prize 7
  • Match the 3rd number of prize 6.2 with the 2nd number of prize 7.3
  • Match the last numbers of prize 6 with the last numbers of prize 7.

 How to win the lottery every day  – Analysis of special prizes

Tips how to play Lottery wins every day That is research and careful analysis of special prizes. This way of playing is quite easy, just bet players need to see the special prize results of yesterday’s Northern lottery. Then, the player chooses 2 consecutive numbers A – B to form pairs of lots AB – BA to bet on for the next day. This form is often popular among those who are new to the lottery field.

The way to play the lottery every day is based on the special prize numbers

Player betsNeed to review the special prize results of yesterday’s results table, then calculate the total of all the prize numbers again. Next, calculate the yin and yang numbers, choose a new bridge and a flip to proceed with the 2-day frame.

Yin and yang numbers are determined in the following way:

  • Positive shadows of numbers: 0 – 5; 2 – 7; 1 – 6; 3 – 8; 4 – 9 and choose vice versa.
  • Shadows of numbers: 0 – 7; 2 – 9; 1 – 4; 5 – 8; 3 – 6 and choose vice versa.

Use triangle lottery prediction tips

Triangulation is the method How to play the lottery and win every day bring great success. With this style of play, bettors need to analyze previous lottery prizes and lottery results to come up with appropriate numbers.

The specific method of triangular lottery prediction is as follows:

  • Analyze and save the numbers of the first, special, second and 6th prizes the other day.
  • Next, use the results of the second and first prizes to compare and save the different numbers and remove duplicate numbers.
  • Proceed to combine 2 numbers. The first 2 numbers of the first prize and the last 2 numbers of the 6th prize combine with number 3 to create a winning number for today’s lottery.

The method of beating heads and tails

This is very confusing so bettors need to create a table. To find numbers in opposite locations and choose numbers that have the same beginning and ending.

Bettors should combine the last number of the 3rd prize in the middle of the 2 prizes to form a pair of numbers and start raising that number.

Thus, the above article of New88 has shared with you guys How to play the lottery and win every day  compiled from senior experts in the field of 3-region lottery. Hopefully it will help you enrich your experience and skills in playing the lottery today.

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