Odds 1 1.5 And How To Play If Not Sure According To Hoai Linh

Among online entertainment forms, Football betting is always a hot topic that many people are interested in. In this king of sports, there are many different types of bets for bettors to choose from and conquer bonuses. The 1 1.5 handicap experience is attractive and interesting for veteran players, but inexperienced rookies still have question marks about how to play and experience catching correctly. Understanding that psychology, the betting team NEW88 have posted the article below for your reference.

How is 1 1.5 odds defined?

In addition to the above name, the bet 1 1.5 is also known as the bet 1.25 or 1 ¼. widely applied in Asian handicap tables. Accordingly, players will see the level of difference between the two opponents participating in the competition. It must be said that the strength and weakness of this team compared to the other teams is not much less.

Even so, it is not easy to win the bet if the player does not know how to equip himself with his own tactical knowledge and tips.NEW88 is a website that regularly provides quality, highly accurate betting essays.

In addition, this place also brings together many professional Football betting players who do not hesitate to share their experiences with new players in the future. Therefore, coming to NEW88 to find out betting information in bets 1, 1.5 or other types of bets is a bright choice.

How to read odds 1 1.5 accurately and easily

When knowing how to read the 1 1.5 odds, the player will know the formula for calculating the betting bonus received or lost after the end of the match, specifically:

  • If you bet on the favorite team to win the underdog team by 1.25 goals before the match starts. If the score result is that the upper team wins by 2 or more goals compared to the lower team, you win the entire bet. Any player who chooses to join the lower team will lose all bet capital.
  • You setodds 1 1.5 If the upper team wins and the result returns the score of the lower team losing one goal compared to the upper team, then half the money is lost. Whoever chooses to be in the lower team will win ½ of the bet.
  • You play a 1 ¼ handicap and choose the favorite team to win. If the final result is a draw or the lower team wins the upper team, you lose all your money. In case you choose for the lower team in this situation, you will get enough.

Effective tips for betting 1 1.5 odds passed down from NEW88 players

Looking at the ratio of 1 ¼ is enough to see that the difference in strength between the two teams is not small. However, many inexperienced bettors immediately rush to bet on the upper bet. That is not necessarily the correct result when players only choose the bet based on emotion. Therefore, immediately pocket some of the following valuable experiences that many NEW88 players love to apply:

Carefully learn the factors that affect the ability of both teams to score goals

Each match has its own differences. If you only make general predictions for the results of many matches, it cannot be accurate. Bettors when betting 1 1.5 should research and analyze information for each match to choose the appropriate bet. The data that you need to know is: Scoring history of at least 5 recent matches, starting lineup, starting performance, coach,… You can view and evaluate these issues through supplies at the bookmaker’s website.

Consult the opinions of Soccer betting experts

For bets 1 1.5, consulting experts’ theory and analysis is never redundant. Currently, experts say that Soccer betting appears on many different websites. Through that, you will be able to compare and contrast to decide wisely which side to bet on. However, not everywhere offers betting odds or reliable odds.

There are many websites that only operate fraudulently to entice players to bet money. NEW88 is a bookmaker with many years of experience in the field of online betting as well as giving opinions on professional Football betting. Instead of searching everywhere online, visiting NEW88 will yield many valuable strategies.

Depending on the match situation to choose a bet

If you are not very knowledgeable about the match, you can wait 15 minutes before participating. According to many betting experts, after this period of time there will often be fluctuations in form and odds from the house. Therefore, it will help you bet 1 1.5 more accurately.

When you realize that the performance of the two teams is almost equal or the match atmosphere is intense and tense, you should give priority to the home team. There are many new recruits, but thanks to grasping this secret early, they were lucky to win good bets.


Thus, the above article has shared with you quite complete information about the 1 1.5 odds along with some standard playing tips. Hopefully you will know how to apply it to different matches to easily win many bonuses. To increase your chances of winning, you should visit and explore betting odds at reputable Sports bookmakers such as NEW88 Please.

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