Improving your Home WIFI Network

A home wifi network is an indispensable part of the modern home in the 21st Century. Considering that so many devices these days depend on the wifi network in your home, it becomes even more important to have a reliable and stable wifi network in your home. But what happens if your current wifi network router isn’t able to deliver the reach that your home needs? That’s where a mesh router comes in.

What is Mesh Wifi

These routers are built to completely eliminate dead zones and to provide uninterrupted wifi throughout your home. Mesh systems enable devices in your network to have faster speeds, greater coverage, and a more reliable connection. While traditional routers broadcast WiFi from a single point, mesh WiFi systems have multiple access points.

When one unit links to the modem, that unit becomes the main hub. The other units (called “nodes”) will capture and rebroadcast the router’s signal. The result is an efficient wireless network that provides a strong signal no matter where you are.

Do you Need One?

A mesh wifi network is ideal for users who live in homes with a weak wifi connection or coverage due to the existence of several floors or a vast interior space. It’s also ideal for users who are looking for an uncomplicated and fuss-free way of setting up a home wifi network.

Traditional wifi routers often have limited range and are unable to carry signals to cover homes with multiple levels or have a very large floor areas. For those living in houses that are 3,000 sq. ft or more with multiple levels, they would benefit from having a mesh wifi router.

The mesh wifi router is also perfect for those who are not tech-savvy or just want a simple way of setting up a home wifi network. For those with existing range extenders, the mesh wifi router will work seamlessly with your existing range extenders to cover your home.

Benefits of a Mesh WIFI Network

Unlike traditional routers that require range extenders to extend the network while at the same time sacrificing speed, mesh wifi routers are able to do both without any sacrifice. They are able to provide both fast wireless transfer speeds and increase your wifi coverage.

Another advantage is the ability to use a single network for your entire home. You can avoid having to choose between 5G or 2.4G networks as you move from one location to another in your home. Mesh technology is able to let you remain connected without any interruptions, regardless of where you are in your home.

tp-link’s Deco Mesh WIFI

tp-link’s Deco Mesh WIFI easily outperforms Google’s WIFI systems. Giving you higher speeds throughout your home. It features advanced encryption to prevent network hijacking from unwanted intruders on your network. The Deco Mesh WIFI system also features real-time antivirus protection for all devices on your network. Especially devices like wifi cameras and smart locks which are usually not protected from viruses.

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