What You Need To Know About Tower Fans

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter, but staying indoors for a long time is easy to get the air-conditioning disease, the air is not ventilated enough, and it is easy to induce flu. At this time, it is necessary to have an ac tower fan. However, mothers are worried that their children’s hands will touch the fan blades, which will cause safety problems. They want to raise the fan a little higher. There is not so much space at home. At this time, it is necessary to understand the safe and space-saving ac tower fan.

What is a tower fan?

The tower fan is a convection fan and looks like a high-rise building. The tower fan uses the motor to drive the cross-flow wind wheel to “throw” the wind. There are many fence blades on the flow wind wheel, which quickly subdivide the wind flow, and the wind blowing out is not as “hard” as the traditional fan but is very soft and more like the natural wind.

Advantages of tower fans

Small size, does not take up space, and the air supply is soft and even, making people feel comfortable. The grid is small, the safety is high, it has a 360° air supply function, and the air supply has no dead angle. Disadvantages: Compared with ordinary electric fans, the price is high, it is not easy to disassemble and wash, and the air volume is small. The tower fan is used with the air conditioner to form a circulation of airflow, which is suitable for families with the elderly and children. Its 360-degree all-around air supply frees the room from dead ends and makes people feel comfortable.

What is an ac tower fan?

The ac tower fan has the word air-conditioning, which is not linked to air-conditioning, and still belongs to the category of electric fans. Ac tower fan cooling uses ice crystals placed in the water tank to reduce the water temperature and let the air quickly pass through the water curtain to cool down. It uses water as a medium to achieve a physical cooling effect, so the cooling range is relatively limited and suitable for small rooms. Advantages of ac tower fans: fashionable appearance, easy to move, stronger refrigeration than ordinary, power saving and energy saving.

Advantages Of Ac Tower Fans

If you have an air conditioner in your home, you can choose a tower fan. If there is no way to install an air conditioner due to external factors, then the ac tower fan is also an option. If the indoor area is relatively small, choose an ac tower fan. The advantage of the ac tower fan is that it saves space, has a more beautiful appearance, and has a soft air outlet, but the air volume is smaller than that of the cabinet type.


The sales volume of AIWA ac tower fans has always been among the best. The main experience is good, and the cooling effect is quite obvious. The thickened fiber ice curtain has stronger water absorption and a better cooling effect. The pull-out water tank is easy to add water, disassemble, and more convenient to clean. Negative ions humidify to make the air fresher.

Additionally, AIWA prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering professional and thorough AC maintenance services for their tower fans. With a team of skilled technicians, they ensure that your AC tower fan operates efficiently, providing optimal cooling performance and enhancing the longevity of the appliance.

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