Easy Ways to Fix HughesNet Internet Latency

It is extremely frustrating when you are back from a long day of work, and the moment you start to watch your favorite Friends episode, the internet starts lagging. This mostly happens with people who don’t have access to fiber, cable, or high-speed DSL internet.

So if you live in a remote region where these options are unavailable, your best option may be HughesNet. While HughesNet is a great internet service for people in remote areas, it may sometimes start lagging. Satellite internet can have latency issues regularly, and if you have been using it, you must be well aware of how painfully common it is. Well not to worry because there are several ways in which you can fix and speed up a lagging internet connection.

So rather than getting angry about the lagging connection, follow the steps mentioned below to fix your HughesNet internet latency issue.

Understanding Latency

Every one of us has had to deal with latency at some point whether it is during a video game session, a movie, or while watching our favorite episode. Latency is also known as ping time, which means the time frame between a packet of data leaving the delivery point and reaching a device which is measured in milliseconds. Latency is more common when you rely on a wireless connection.

Whatever the case is, latency can always be super frustrating whether you work from home, stream, or play video games. So now that you know what latency is and how it affects your internet experience, here are some things you can try to reduce it.

Use an Ethernet Cable

A wired connection is known to be more efficient as it transmits signals throughout your house through a wire rather than signals. To switch to a wired connection, you can start using an Ethernet cable. Once you start using an Ethernet cable, you will notice a much more stable connection with lower latency. Your speed will be the same as you receive from the satellite.

However, the stability might be affected by the Ethernet cable if you have multiple floors in the building, Ethernet’s penetration to the walls, and electrical appliances in the house. But it is unlikely for Ethernet to not work and they are very effective when it comes to reducing latency and improving your internet’s connection. This makes it easy for you to play games, stream, and work from home.

Check Whether the Cables are Damaged or Loose

Another thing to do if you are facing latency issues is to look for any damaged or loose wiring. It is often the case that wires may be damaged or loose coming from your dish/receiver to your home. The quality and condition of these wires also make a huge difference in your internet’s quality. Check and consider replacing or repairing any parts that are damaged, loose, or in bad condition.

Besides, if the stand that holds the dish is shaky or unstable, it is also time to fix it as soon as possible or you will keep facing internet issues and the inconvenience will only increase.

Try Checking for Obstructions

If there is any snow, debris, or grime, on your dish, you are probably going to face latency issues. So if you face latency it might also be possible because there are leaves, debris, or fallen tree branches. You should be careful in this case, but it could even be snow on the dish.

Frost is also one of the reasons for the disruption of satellite connection, so you should make sure that besides snow and debris, the dish should also not have any chips, cracks, or other kinds of damage.

Try Changing the Direction of the Dish

Besides cracks, frost, or fallen leaves on the dish, one reason for latency could be the wrong direction of your dish. There is a specific direction that your dish must be facing for it to work properly. While the dish may be installed in the right direction, it can always be turned by the wind. So, make sure to check if it is placed in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

We will not advise you to reset or restart your router or modem initially as it may cause more inconvenience than fixing the issue but if none of these tips work for you, you may reset, restart, or change the router’s location. If things are still not working, you may contact HughesNet customer service. However, satellite internet may sometimes start lagging and these tips and ways will help you resolve the issue.

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