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ZTT Power Switchgear: Reliable Solutions for Power Control and Protection

ZTT is a trusted manufacturer and supplier offering a diverse range of energy storage solutions for reliable power control and protection. With a strong presence in the industry, ZTT’s power switchgear products are designed to meet the needs of power generation, transmission, distribution, and conversion processes. In this article, we explore the versatility of ZTT power switchgear, their compliance with international standards, and their global recognition.

Versatile Power Switchgear Solutions

ZTT provides a comprehensive range of power switchgear products, catering to low, medium, and high voltage applications. Their offerings include AC metal armored switchgear, prefabricated substations, circuit breakers, and distribution boxes. These solutions find applications in power plants, substations, industrial settings, residential areas, and high-rise buildings, ensuring reliable power control and protection.

Compliance with International Standards

ZTT’s power switchgear products adhere to stringent international standards such as IEC 61439, IEC 60529, and IEC 62271. From structural design to electrical layout, manufacturing, and product testing, ZTT ensures compliance with these standards. With an integrated industrial chain, advanced equipment, and modern management practices, ZTT maintains high product quality and competitive pricing. They hold certifications for ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001, further emphasizing their commitment to quality assurance.

Extensive Market Presence and Global Recognition

ZTT has established a strong presence in the Chinese market, holding a significant market share. Their power switchgear products have also gained recognition in various countries and regions worldwide, including the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Croatia, and Myanmar. ZTT’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the recognition they have received from renowned certification bodies such as ABS, BV, CCS, DNVĀ·GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA, and RS. This global recognition underscores the reliability and quality of ZTT power switchgear solutions.


ZTT’s power switchgear solutions offer reliable control and protection for power systems in diverse applications. With their versatile product range, compliance with international standards, and commitment to quality assurance, ZTT is a trusted provider in the industry. Their extensive market presence in China and global recognition from esteemed certification bodies validate their reputation for delivering reliable power switchgear solutions. Choose ZTT’s power switchgear for efficient power control and protection, backed by their global recognition and dedication to quality.

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