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Navigating the Precision of Blueiot’s RTLS Anchor Series

In the realm of indoor positioning and real-time location tracking, precision, versatility, and reliability are paramount. Blueiot‘s RTLS Anchor series, comprising the Classic Type BA3000-t, Pro Type BA3000-p, and Waterproof Type BA3000-w, is designed to meet these critical requirements and more. Let’s explore what sets each of these anchors apart.

Classic Type BA3000-t: Precision Redefined

High Precision: The BA3000-t offers sub-meter high precision positioning, ensuring that your tracking data is exceptionally accurate.

Versatile Connectivity: With support for dual network port serial links, this anchor streamlines wiring deployment and enhances adaptability.

Application Flexibility: The terminal system is compatible with iOS and Android, offering robust application flexibility.

Data Back Transmission: It supports Bluetooth IoT data back transmission, enabling the reporting of tag information data.

Pro Type BA3000-p: Covering Vast Ground with Precision

Wide-Area Positioning: The BA3000-p excels in wide-area positioning, achieving sub-meter-level high-precision tracking over extended distances.

Diverse Connectivity: It supports wired and various communication methods, making it adaptable to a myriad of tracking scenarios.

Rugged Reliability: With super protection and a hidden line design, it thrives in complex outdoor environments.

Efficient Deployment: Supporting both POE and DC power, as well as multi-cascade configurations, it simplifies deployment complexities.

Waterproof Type BA3000-w: Resilience in Wet Environments

Extreme Precision: Similar to its counterparts, the BA3000-w offers sub-meter high precision positioning, ideal for indoor tracking.

App Compatibility: Its terminal system is compatible with iOS and Android, supporting APP/Mini apps and offering versatile application options.

Watertight Resilience: With an IP68 waterproof rating, it thrives in industrial wet environments, ensuring uninterrupted performance.


In conclusion, Blueiot’s RTLS Anchor series stands as a beacon of precision and reliability in indoor positioning and real-time location tracking. Whether you require exceptional accuracy, versatility across scenarios, or resilience in challenging environments, there’s a Blueiot anchor to suit your needs. Unlock the full potential of your tracking projects with Blueiot’s high-quality RTLS Anchor series.

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