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You want to realize your dream of becoming rich and investing in betting! Are you wondering about choosing a reputable address to participate in clear blue nine betting? What are you waiting for? Come to the dealer New88 – A meeting place where all types of games converge. Together  New88 Find out now in this article!

 New88 – Quality bookmaker of regional scale

Currently, card games with prizes are attracting a large number of gamers to participate with extremely high investment levels. One of the leading reputable game portals in the region that has been holding a certain position in the online game market today is dealer  New88.

In essence, Nhà Cái New88 is an upgraded version of Naga Vip slot machine, after a period of time attracting a large number of participating players and huge investment value, the game portal New88 has become a vibrant bookmaker with heat spreading throughout Vietnam.

Known as the eldest brother in the card game industry with a series of attractive online games, New88 always wins the absolute trust and confidence of gamers who choose to deposit money to realize their dreams of getting rich in the future.

In addition to the wide scale of operations, New88 We also specifically built a team of highly qualified employees, ready to support customers at any time. That’s what quality helps New88 Successfully leading the online gaming market.

Huge store of prize-winning card games, diverse in all genres

Like other bookmakers, New88 also very focused on exploiting strengths in card game genres with rewards because the investment heat has not shown signs of cooling down in recent times, coming to New88 Customers will be able to join a world of entertainment with modern quality and incentives promotion extremely attractive.

Let’s learn about card game genres with prizes at New88 Please!

Mau soldiers

On the home page interface New88 Mau Binh card game has a very large number of visitors. Here you will experience the skill of focusing on judgment to arrange cards with super intelligence. Gamers will be able to participate with many bets from low to high within a certain time to capture the full number. The bet is then exchanged for real value rewards

Head to the South

Surely the card game enthusiast community will not be surprised when Tien Len Mien Nam was voted the most popular card game in the game portal. New88. This is because the game interface Tien Len Mien Nam has very attractive colors and is also equipped with a super cute voiceover, helping players feel like they are lost in a world-class Casino.

Ta la – Phom

Phom, also known as Ta La, is one of the card game genres with super attractive betting levels due to the decisiveness and financial ability of the gamers. When participating in Phom, gamers are free to place bets that can be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled to shorten the path to super riches.


Baccarat is a prize-winning card game that was introduced to the Vietnamese market not long ago, but the betting odds in this card game are relatively high and attractive. Interface of Baccarat game at New88 will be somewhat more unique than other card games. Because, players just need to click on the game icon to automatically join the available match table. After that, you only need the desired bet level to participate in the game.

Sam cyclone

Sam cyclone at New88 designed solo table, 5-player table and private table. You can create your own table to attract investors to your pre-determined game room. Easily win money by clicking on the Sam cyclone icon on the interface.

In addition to card games with prizes New88 There are also many types of bets in the form of mini games, rich slot games such as: Sic Bo, Lottery, Wild West, Sea God, Fish Shooting,… with eye-catching configurations that will definitely not disappoint players. Disappointed.

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The best things converge at the house New88

In addition to the diverse gaming world at New88 It also possesses outstanding advantages that other bookmakers cannot provide.

Secure customer information securely

Committed to completely protecting customer information throughout the gaming process, LocClub uses a high-quality security information system that prevents information leaks or customer information from being leaked.

Beautiful interface, top-notch sound

New88 Committed to using the most powerful sound system today, helping the community freely immerse themselves in the world of top-class casinos in the region. The sound used in the game portal is realistically integrated, creating a vivid feeling like participating directly in a Vip Pro casino.

Not to mention, the graphic images used by LocClub are designed to be eye-catching and vivid, creating an attractive feeling for players. The configuration layout at the game portal combines a simple yet sophisticated layout with specific instructions to help customers easily access their favorite games.

A series of HUGE promotions

Committed to opening up a series of incentives for customers, New88 has opened a series of events with high prize values ​​such as:

  • Birthday gifts for players
  • Unlimited cashback
  • Refund betting promotions in card games with extremely high refund rates
  • Lucky spin every day for gamers to access the game

Because of the overwhelming incentives, LocClub has attracted thousands of customer visits every day.

A team of professional and dedicated consultants

Customer care consulting team at New88 operates 24/4 with the motto dedicated – thoughtful – anytime, anywhere. This is considered the biggest advantage of the game portal because it gives customers peace of mind and professional care from a team of consultants. Customers can report any questions or complaints at any time. LocClub always listens to customers’ contributions to improve in the near future.

Become a member of New88

With outstanding features and outstanding advantages, New88 is increasingly developing on a large scale, recruiting more and more members to participate. Please register to become a member of the hottest game portal today!

Steps to become a member of LocClub are as follows:

  • Step 1: Access the link New88 at trusted addresses
  • Step 2: After opening the game portal interface, click the register button
  • Step 3: Fill in all account information including: Username, password and re-enter the password.
  • Step 4: Check the filled out information. Then, press the Register button to complete the process.

With 4 simple steps like that, you have become a member of LocClub!


New88 is definitely a leading reputable, quality, and safe bookmaker in Vietnam today that customers can absolutely trust. Deserves to be a bookmaker capable of competing for the number 1 position in the prize exchange card game market. With all the information provided in the article, New88 We hope to bring the best moments of experience to customers.

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