How to Play Jump Chess Simple and Easy to Understand for Beginners

How to play chess This is information that many people choose to learn about. This is one of the games that promotes thinking and is extremely suitable for young children to develop their intelligence. Join Hi88 to find out all the information related to chess to play more easily at home Trang Chủ Hi88.

What kind of flag is jumping flag?

The game is considered one of the national chess types because it is suitable for many different audiences. From children to the elderly can still participate in this genre at home. Each game requires at least 2 to a maximum of 6 participants.

This genre is chosen by many families to participate in gatherings of friends, family gatherings, and parties. The outstanding advantages that the game brings you include:

  • The light entertainment game is extremely suitable to participate in with relatives and friends.
  • This highly tactical chess type is extremely suitable for training participants’ thinking.
  • Participants are more engaged through chess playing activities.

How is the specially designed jumping chess board?

Before learning about How to play chess , you should know about chess board design. This is a necessary tool to support participants in playing chess with their friends and relatives.

Conventional chessboards are made from hard plastic or wood. The altar design is octagonal, square or circular. On the table are designed many small circular boxes arranged to form a 5-pointed star. The round holes are designed for the purpose of placing pieces to move during the game.

Chess pieces are designed in 6 colors including green, blue, red, white, black, and yellow. Each color has 10 pieces placed at the six-pointed star position on the chessboard. Chess pieces can be made from hard plastic or made of wood compatible with the table material.

Detailed instructions on  How to play chess  for beginners

 How to play chess It’s not too difficult to learn at home. Below is a summary of all the shared information about how to play so you can easily learn this genre.


Participants need to jump their pieces into the opponent’s land to capture it. At the same time, you need to prevent the enemy from sending troops to your land. Whoever sends all the troops to the opponent’s land is considered the winner.


 How to play chess Start by preparing 10 pieces of your favorite color. Then, you place 10 pieces on the edge of the 6-pointed star in the sitting position.

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The rule is that you are only allowed to move up two empty spaces from where you are standing. You can perform this action if and only if between those two squares is another allied piece. Allied troops are also known as bridges for players to move up 2 cells.


 How to play chess starting with the first person to agree to move their pieces. Every time you move, you must ensure the principle of jumping according to general regulations. Participants can jump in a straight line, diagonal line or a long distance if there is a suitable bridge.

All players take turns jumping until one member occupies the entire original square of another participant. At this point, the game stops and the first person to win the land is the winner.

Next to How to play chess Often, this genre is also used as a puzzle. You can be completely flexible and creative to suit the participants.

 How to play chess  always wins for newbies

Secrets are one of the important factors to help players improve their ability to win this genre. Strategies that you can apply for How to play chess is to create your own way or find your way. You need to quickly find the fastest route to your opponent’s house.

Participants should jump more steps and advance stronger if there is a suitable bridge. Don’t choose the strategy of playing slowly for a long time to win against your opponent.

Depending on the number of participants, the layout of the game is different. You should choose a reasonable strategy that no one has used yet and apply it based on the actual situation.

  • If the goal corner in the home field is empty, then this place is not the opponent’s starting place. You are completely free to build “stairs” or “bridges” to reach your opponent’s territory.
  • In case the opponent has occupied your home corner, you need to adjust and wait for their playing style. Players should quickly fill the gaps on the board before being defeated by their opponents.

 How to play chess Extremely simple and easy to learn for newbies. With the information shared on how to play from Hi88, we hope to bring readers many useful things. Players refer to applying appropriate strategies when participating in this genre at home.

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