LED Moving Head Wash Light Is A Great Tool For Live Performance

Live performance as a form of art has always been a challenge. With the ever-expanding popularity of LED moving head wash lights, it has become easier to manage when creating live performances on stage. In this blog post, we will discuss what is moving head wash light and excellent products.

What is a moving head wash light?

The light spot of wash is soft, and the light radiates outward from the center, without obvious light spot along the line. It can also be used as multi angle surface light. The color is adjusted mainly by the built-in color disk or LED light sources with different colors. There is no pattern disk or prism function. The wash light can also be used for outdoor lighting projects of urban buildings and theme park lamps.

A moving head wash light is a great tool for live performance. They can be used to create a dazzling show on stage or in video productions. Moving head wash lights are also perfect for special effects and animation.

Product of Light Sky

The TX1920-ZOOM stage wash lighting product is equipped with cutting-edge LED features that allow it to perform multiple functions simultaneously. In addition, there are three distinct work configurations available, including silent, standard, and ultra-bright, as well as an integrated color calibration system.


With a strong dedication to research, development, and the production of the highest caliber products, Light Sky has distinguished itself as an industry leader for more than 30 years at this point. In addition to beam lighting equipment, the company also sells a range of other goods, such as growing lighting, outdoor moving lasers, moving LED spot profiles, and moving LED washes.

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