Juoda Truoba Namelis Miske: The Black Queen of the Sea?

An in-depth analysis of the poem Namelis Juoda Truoba Miske by poet Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis focuses on his literary achievement and cultural significance in Lithuanian culture. To read more, click here. Juoda Truoba Namelis Miske is an Estonian legend of the 19th century. It tells the story of two beautiful sisters whose names were Juoda Truoba and Lilla Truoba, daughters of the king of the sea, ruler of all seas, lakes, rivers, and streams in Estonia.

who is Juoda Truoba?

The Black Queen of the Sea, Jóda Truoba Namelis Miske, is a creature who lives in deep sea waters. She has never seen human beings before, and when they arrive on her land she’s intrigued. Her curiosity and naivety bring out the protective side in humans, which leads to a love story that continues over many years. This week, I took my niece (who doesn’t know about Juoda Truoba) down to visit The Black Queen of the Sea at our local aquarium. We met Juoda Truoba Namelis Miske and told her all about Lithuania. I’ll let you know what she said!

What is her story?

A Lithuanian legend, Juoda Truoba is an omen of death. If you happen to see her on your travels, it means that someone close to you is going to die soon. But don’t worry, there’s a way to escape this fate! When Juoda Truoba appears in front of you, run towards her and put some bread and salt in her mouth. This will appease her thirst and she will let you go without harm. If you’re not so lucky to escape her grasp, well then it’s time for a funeral. Juoda Truoba likes to lie down on top of coffins at funerals. She also has been known to visit people during their sleep and scream into their ears, waking them up from their dreams.

How did she become the black queen of the sea?

A common Lithuanian myth is that Juoda Truoba was a beautiful, unhappy woman. She would often go to the sea and stare at it for hours. One day, she threw herself into it but didn’t come up again. When people walked by and saw her clothes hanging on a tree, they realized what had happened and were very sad. They buried Juoda Truoba in a grave on the seashore so that she could be close to the water forever. People began to call her The Black Queen of the Sea. That’s why when fishermen had bad luck, they would curse Juoda Truoba and spit into the water to make their luck better.

What are her powers?

The Juoda Truoba, a mythological spirit in Lithuanian folklore, is said to be a beautiful woman who appears as a shadow and seduces men in their dreams. Her powers are not limited to dreams though. She also has control over the sea, storms, and fate. It is believed that when one encounters her at sea they will either die or become her slave. When you meet her on land, she can change your luck for better or worse with a single touch. However, if you find yourself outside on the night of Stiklių Kalėdos (the Eve of St.

What does she use them for?

The Juoda Truoba Apostolos Lietuva is a group of women that travel to Lithuania as part of their annual program. They use these opportunities to teach and share with Lithuanian youth about the art, culture, and history of African-Americans. They have created a small business where they sell clothing, jewelry, and music in an effort to diversify the arts in Lithuania. The Juoda Truoba are not just from America, but also from Haiti and other Caribbean countries. One hundred percent of the profits from their business go back into supporting future programs for Lithuanian youth.


The Juoda Truoba Namelis Miske is a mythical creature that has been around since before the 1600s. Known to be dark and mysterious, she is said to have her own kingdom on the bottom of the ocean floor where she lurks in shadows. The Juoda Truoba Namelis Miske is not only known for her appearance, but also for her ability to create storms, tsunamis, and other natural disasters with her powerful energy.

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