Good housekeeping tips that will drive pests away from your home

Being a seasoned homeowner for a very long time,  you must have realized the harsh truth that it is nearly impossible to banish all sorts of pests and insects from your home.  However,  that shouldn’t be a thing of concern for you because there are several ways in which you can make your home less inviting for pests and avoid a pest infestation.

Summer is the season when pests are breeding and hence there are more infestations than in any other season. Our windows remain open throughout the day and hence insects get easy access to the interior of our home. While there are Boston pest control services that can assist you with professional pest control,  let’s take a General look at the tips to keep pests away from home.

Maintain a clean house

There is no doubt about the fact that a house that is regularly cleaned will be less appealing to insects and pests.  Cover any leftover food and make sure your work surfaces and floors are clear of food crumbs. You can keep a handy vacuum cleaner for instant spot cleaning on surfaces. Also, invest in a good mop so that you can use it to clean any form of spillage on the floors.

Buy an effective vacuum cleaner

If you invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner,  you can be assured that it will remove small pests like carpet beetles and fleas from your carpet. Before buying the vacuum cleaner,  check whether it has a HEPA filter or S-class filtration system for providing you with improved air quality. In case there is a pest infestation in your house, dispose of the dust bag and empty out the contents of the dust canister on the outside of your home.

Focus on proper ventilation 

Maintaining a dry atmosphere through proper ventilation is highly important.  Try to open up windows wherever possible and don’t make the mistake of blocking vents in air bricks. In case you are concerned about the insects entering your house through air bricks,  you can try to cover them with wire mesh as this will prevent the pests from entering your house. 

Invest in flea treatment

If you have pets in your home, take care of them with the help of flea treatments. Purchase a high-quality treatment product from your vet. If you keep forgetting about flea treatment for your pets, make sure you subscribe to flea treatment services or sign up for regular deliveries. You will be automatically reminded to apply for a treatment session for your pets. Since pets attract pests, it is better to keep them clean. 

So, now that you are aware of the ways in which you can prevent pests from entering your home and wreaking havoc,  what are you waiting for? Either try out the DIY pest control methods or give a call to a professional pest control company to leverage their services. Also, opt for spring cleaning services to get rid of pests.

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