Easier to Handle: Mindray’s AEDs in The Public Arena

AED is a portable medical device that can diagnose specific arrhythmias and give electric shock defibrillation and is a medical device that can be used by non-professionals to resuscitate patients with sudden cardiac death. Unlike AED hospital products equipped in medical settings or emergency vehicles, AEDs are portable, easy to operate, and can be used by non-professionals with little training.

Public AEDs: Designed for public first aiders

As on-site first aid equipment, AEDs have been commonly placed in subways, schools, shopping malls, and other crowded public places in recent years. Unlike medical defibrillators, AEDs can analyze and determine whether the patient needs to be defibrillated by the built-in system.

In the defibrillation process, the AED’s voice prompts and animated operating prompts make the operation easier and more convenient, and the rescuer at the scene only needs to follow the prompts.

Advantages of Public AED

The AED has several advantages. Its small size allows it to be carried, and its deployment in public places does not take up space or cause panic. Compared to the cost of a medical manual defibrillator, the AED is less expensive, which is advantageous for widespread deployment.

The AED has a microprocessor-controlled algorithm that analyzes the patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) and prompts the user to deliver a shock.

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