Where to Place Your First Tattoo?

Depending on how you prefer to feel painless or have specific tattoo preferences, where you get your tattoo will determine the location. It’s best to choose the place that you love if your first tattoo will be your last. If this is your first tattoo, it’s best to choose a spot that’s less painful.


Because of the position, your thigh is a great place to get your first tattoo. Laying down can reduce pain and relax the body.


Because it is relatively painless, the side of your calf can be a good place for you to start. You have a lot to work with, so you can create your own design.


The ideal spot for your first tattoo is your forearm. It is a good-sized canvas and isn’t too painful. Because the radial nerve runs through this area, the pain in the outer forearm can be less than that of the inner.

Upper Arm/Shoulder

The upper arm is the most painful area to get a tattoo. However, as the skin thins, the tattoo can be more intense if it is positioned towards the inner bicep.

Popular Locations for a Tattoo

Back of Neck

Inking the back of your neck is an easy and beautiful place to do so. There are many options for neck tattoos, from simple flowers to complex patterns.


The chest area is usually preferred by more males than women, but it can be more painful for some men. Because it is close to your heart, the chest can be very sentimental and meaningful.


If this is your first tattoo, the wrist is a great spot to place it. It can be painful because of nerve endings and thin skin.

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