MediSave Helps You Start a Family by IVF

Start a Family with Help from MediSave and IVF

In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) helps many young couples start a family. But IVF is not always successful the first time. To help defray the costs of IVF, you can use your Medisave account to provide the best chance of starting a family.

These days, more and more young couples are putting off having a family until they can afford to provide for their children. They are spending more time and effort planning for a family. They know that school fees and buying a bigger home can eat into a family’s savings, and they want to make sure they can provide for all the needs of their child.

But the longer they plan and put off conception, the less time a woman has to conceive a healthy child. When they finally are ready to start their family, they may have trouble conceiving naturally.

IVF Can Help

IVF has been used for decades to help improve a couple’s chances of conceiving. IVF involves removing the eggs from a woman’s body, fertilising them in a laboratory environment with a man’s sperm, monitoring the eggs to ensure the fertilisation produces a healthy embryo, then implanting the embryo back into the woman’s uterus. The woman can then carry the embryo to term naturally.

IVF is the most logical course of action for a couple who have been unsuccessful at conceiving naturally. Tests may show that both of them are viable parents but are hampered by medical factors, including fallopian tube damage, ovulation disorders, or low sperm motility in the male.

IVF can help, but it’s not a guarantee. There are a number of other procedures that doctors can use to help increase the chances of conception along with IVF. All of these procedures, including IVF, fall under the heading of Assisted Conception Procedures (ACT). These procedures help encourage the natural process of conception that has to take place between the sperm and egg.

Often, the IVF process has to be repeated in order for a conception to occur. Costs can add up because of this repetition and cause problems with the couple’s finances and their plans for the future.

MediSave Helps Pay for ACP

To help afford the cost of repeated rounds of ACP, a Singaporean married couple may withdraw money from the patient’s or the patient’s spouse’s MediSave account. The amounts they can apply to ACP are:

  • $6,000 for the first cycle
  • $5,000 for the second cycle
  • $4,000 for the third and any subsequent cycles

The maximum total amount of funds across all treatment cycles allowed for Assisted Conception Procedures is $15,000.

Monash IVF Singapore works with couples to help them start a family. In addition to the procedures of IVF, we can provide:

  • Oocyte pick-up (OPU)
  • Fresh or frozen embryo transfer
  • Egg freezing treatment for medical reasons
  • Sperm freezing
  • Storage for gametes/embryos (charged annually)
  • Intra-uterine insemination (IUI) procedure
  • IUI sperm preparation

Our clinic services include:

  • Fertility consultations
  • Ultrasound and investigation scans
  • Blood tests
  • Diagnostic andrology service for male fertility
  • Semen analysis
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation test
  • Sperm survival tests (SST)
  • Oxidative stress assay (OSA)

If you’re having trouble conceiving, and need highly qualified help, make an appointment with Monash IVF Singapore at your earliest convenience.

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