How To Choose The Right Size Cambridge Box For Your Candles?

It is crucial to choose the appropriate packaging for your candles if you want to create an unboxing experience that will stand out in the memories of your customers. Because of its sophisticated appearance and long-lasting construction, Cambridge boxes are frequently chosen by those who produce candles. However, finding the correct size Cambridge box for your candles might be difficult because you want to make sure that they fit snugly without sacrificing the box’s overall appearance. In this piece, we’ll discuss how to select the appropriate size Cambridge box for your candles and go through some helpful tips.

Consider The Size And Shape Of Your Candles

The first step in choosing the right size Cambridge candle boxes is to consider the size and shape of your candles. Calculate the height, width, and depth of your candles and compare these measurements to the available box sizes offered by Cambridge boxes. Keep in mind any additional space you may need for packing materials, such as tissue paper or bubble wrap. If you have oddly-shaped candles, you may need to consider custom packaging options or choose a larger box size to accommodate the shape.

Determine The Number Of Candles You Want To Package

Another factor to consider when selecting the right size Cambridge box for your candles is the number of candles you want to package together. If you’re selling candles in a set, you’ll want to choose a box size that can fit all the candles together without too much extra space. On the other hand, if you’re selling individual candles, you may want to choose a box size that allows room for additional packing materials to keep the candle secure during shipping.

Think About Your Branding And Presentation Needs

The right packaging can enhance your brand identity and create a cohesive look for your candles. Consider how your Cambridge boxes will fit into your overall branding and presentation strategy. If you want to create a consistent brand image, you may want to choose Cambridge boxes that complement the colours, patterns, or fonts used in your logo or other marketing materials. Additionally, think about any branding elements you want to add to your Cambridge boxes, such as custom labels or stickers, to differentiate your candles from competitors.

Test Out Different Box Sizes

To determine the ideal box size for your candles, it’s essential to test out different options. Order a few different sizes and try packaging your candles in each one to see how they fit and how they look. This will give you a better sense of which size works best for your particular candles, as well as any additional packaging materials you may need.

Consider The Environmental Impact Of Your Packaging

Candlemakers must think about how their packaging may affect the environment. Given that Cambridge boxes are composed of recycled materials and can be recycled once again after usage, they represent a sustainable alternative. However, choosing the proper box size might also aid in lowering your carbon footprint. You can cut down on the number of packaging materials required and decrease waste by choosing a box size that fits your candles without taking up too much additional room.

Take Into Account Shipping Costs

If you plan to ship your candles, it’s essential to take into account shipping costs when choosing the right size Cambridge box. Shipping costs are often calculated based on the size and weight of the package, so choosing a box size that is too large or heavy can result in higher shipping costs. Additionally, choosing a box size that is too small or doesn’t provide enough protection for your candles can result in damage during shipping and unhappy customers.


The size and shape of your candles, the number of candles you want to package, your branding and presentation requirements, testing out various box sizes, taking into account the environmental impact, and shipping costs must all be carefully taken into account when selecting the appropriate size Cambridge box for your candles. You can discover the ideal Cambridge box size to display your candles and give your clients a special unwrapping experience by taking the time to research and test out various possibilities.

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