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Efficiency and Automation in Precision Machining: The FVD100-5AXIS by Conprofe Ultrasonic

Conprofe Ultrasonic is at the forefront of innovation in CNC machining, and their FVD100-5AXIS ultrasonic machine tool is a testament to their commitment to excellence. This cutting-edge tool is specifically designed to tackle the challenges posed by hard-brittle materials, carbon-fiber composites, superalloys, and other hard-to-cut materials. With its advanced features and ultrasonic technology, the FVD100-5AXIS is redefining precision machining and opening up new possibilities for manufacturers.

Unleashing Ultrasonic Precision

At the heart of the FVD100-5AXIS lies the power of ultrasonic technology. This remarkable feature allows manufacturers to achieve unparalleled precision when machining precision parts made of materials like ceramics, sapphire, glass, silicon carbide, and more. By harnessing the power of ultrasonic vibrations, the FVD100-5AXIS ensures cleaner cuts, reduced tool wear, and enhanced surface finish, enabling manufacturers to push the boundaries of precision even further.

Unrivaled Versatility

The FVD100-5AXIS combines the benefits of ultrasonic technology with exceptional versatility. Equipped with a high-precision A/B Axis and a hollow stainless steel body, this machine minimizes cable entanglement while ensuring smooth and accurate swiveling. The result is a machine tool capable of handling a wide range of complex machining tasks with ease. From carbon-fiber composites to superalloys like titanium alloy, the FVD100-5AXIS delivers outstanding performance across diverse materials.

Efficiency and Automation

Conprofe Ultrasonic understands the importance of efficiency and automation in modern manufacturing. The FVD100-5AXIS features a built-in workpiece storage system, streamlining production processes and enabling automated cyclic production on a single machine. This maximizes productivity, reduces downtime, and allows manufacturers to meet demanding production schedules. Additionally, the complete stainless steel cover ensures machine internal protection, maintaining a safe and clean working environment.


Conprofe Ultrasonic’s FVD100-5AXIS ultrasonic machine tool represents a breakthrough in precision machining. With its innovative ultrasonic technology, this tool empowers manufacturers to achieve exceptional precision when working with hard-brittle materials, carbon-fiber composites, superalloys, and more. By combining ultrasonic precision with versatility, efficiency, and automation, the FVD100-5AXIS sets new standards for excellence in the CNC machining industry.

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