Consider a Regular Investment Savings Plan

Many of us have not considered or even bothered with having a regular investment savings plan. But financial investment experts would often advise their clients to start a savings plan and an investment portfolio as early as possible. That’s why the more savvy younger these days start investing even before they’ve graduated from university. That’s because investments can take decades to reach maturation. And the earlier you start investing, the better it is for your investment portfolio.

A regular investment savings plan is a great way to start on your investment journey. But before you start, there are a few tips and points to consider. We have compiled a list of points you should consider on your investment journey.

Start Young

The investment journey is a long marathon and not a sprint. The earlier you start, the more your savings will snowball over time. It doesn’t matter how much you invest. Perhaps you just started working and don’t have that much to invest. Investing in smaller amounts is much better than not investing at all, and as your career and salary progress, you can allocate more into your investment portfolio. What’s most important is starting early.

Of course, investing is not going to always be a smooth ride. But starting early means, you will be better able to ride through the downs.

How much to Invest?

How much you invest really depends on how much you can put into the investment without any significant impact on your overall lifestyle. 10 to 15% of your monthly income is a good number to start with. Take into account what investing goals you have in mind. Perhaps a house, travel, or education. Come up with a timetable and see how much each of your needs will cost and use whatever spare money you have to put into an investment.

Choose your investment strategy

Decide on your investment goals. If you are preparing for retirement in 10, 20, or even 30 years, come up with an investment plan based on those timelines. And you will be able to choose low-risk, long-term investments that will prop up your investment portfolio.

Whatever you choose, you need to fully understand your investment options. That’s why it’s important to consult a company that has the right experience to guide you on your investment journey. On top of that, having an experienced consultant on your side means you will be at lower risk overall.

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