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Choosing the Right Inverter for Your Solar System: Unveiling the Excellence of IEETek, a Leading Solar Inverter Manufacturer

IEETek, an innovative solar inverter manufacturer, is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line products and solutions for home solar battery storage. With a strong focus on residential solar power systems, IEETek has gained a reputation for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Bi-Direction Inverter for PV System Retrofit

IEETek’s bi-directional inverter is specifically designed for PV system retrofitting. This advanced technology, combined with a range of 5kWh to 20kWh batteries, enables homeowners to create self-consumption energy systems. By seamlessly integrating the inverter and battery, IEETek empowers homeowners to maximize their solar energy usage and reduce their reliance on the grid.

Total Solution for Home Solar Battery Storage Systems

As a leading solar inverter manufacturer, IEETek offers a comprehensive solution for home solar battery storage systems. Their team works closely with homeowners to understand their specific needs and design customized solutions. From selecting the right inverter to determining the optimal battery capacity, IEETek ensures that every aspect of the home solar battery storage system is tailored to deliver the best results.

Daytime Battery Charging and Nighttime Discharge

IEETek’s innovative inverter prioritizes charging the battery during the daytime when solar energy is abundant. Once the battery reaches a predetermined voltage threshold, it will discharge during specific times or at night to power the home load. This intelligent approach allows homeowners to optimize their energy usage, ensuring that they make the most of their home solar battery storage system.


In conclusion, IEETek stands out as a trusted solar inverter manufacturer, specializing in home solar battery storage and residential solar power systems. Their commitment to providing high-quality solutions, such as the bi-directional inverter and tailored system designs, empowers homeowners to embrace renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint. With IEETek’s expertise and dedication, homeowners can confidently invest in a reliable and efficient home solar battery storage system.

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