Build an eCommerce App: 4 Key Features to Include for Enhanced UX

Did you know 94% of users will give up on a website or app because of poor design? If you want to retain your customers and attract new ones, you’ll need to have a great-looking app.

So what are some of the most important features when you build an eCommerce app? Read on for some helpful tips for your consideration.

1. Good Performance

If you want to develop an eCommerce app people will love, you need to consider the performance. The best features or the most stunning design doesn’t mean much if the user experiences choppy or unstable performance.

eCommerce app UX design needs to involve a lot of testing to ensure users will have a smooth experience. Make sure you test your app on a wide range of devices. This will help you to identify and fix any performance issues before you release the app.

2. Good User Interface Design

One of the most important features of eCommerce App design is creating a good user interface. Your interface should be clean and visually appealing. It should also be intuitive and easy to navigate.

If a customer wants to find a particular product, they should easily be able to do so without thinking about things too much. A confusing and cluttered interface will quickly drive your customers away, so don’t be afraid to spend a lot of time on the website design.

3. Secure Checkout

You’ll also need to convince your users that your eCommerce platform is one they can trust. Customers will be very reluctant to enter their payment details into an app that doesn’t look and feel secure.

One of the most important security features on your app is the secure checkout. This means your customers can use a trusted payment method with all the necessary protections, such as SSL encryption.

Not only does your checkout need to be secure, but it also needs to be streamlined. If the checkout progress is long and complex, it could lead to customers choosing to abandon their carts rather than finish the transaction.

4. Personalization

Another one of the big UX design tips is that the app should be personalized for every user. These days, customers expect to feel valued and understood by online services. You can show this understanding by delivering a personalized experience for your customers.

For example, if your customer buys a lot of a specific product, that product should be more visible to that customer. If you correctly personalize the experience, you ensure the customer feels valued, and you are also more likely to sell your products.

Now You Know More About How to Build an eCommerce App

As you can see, there’s a lot you’ll need to think about when learning how to build an eCommerce app. Not only should your site look and feel great, but it should also offer robust security features and attentive personalization.

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