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A Versatile Filling and Packing Machine for Wet Wipes Manufacturing

Vippai is a trusted brand in the packaging machinery industry, known for its advanced solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction. The VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine exemplifies Vippai’s dedication to providing high-quality and versatile equipment. With features like a servo motor control system, adjustable mold, and customizable packing options, this machine offers convenience and efficiency for wet wipes manufacturers.

Flexible Production and Secure Packaging

Manufacturers using the VPD-250 can produce wet tissues measuring (40-140)(40-110) mm (LW) without the need to change the mold. The machine offers the flexibility to choose between single or double pack output, simply by replacing the dotted line knife part. Furthermore, the non-woven fabrics used in the wet wipes can be folded in various ways, with up to 10 vertical folds and 4 horizontal folds. This customizable folding capability allows for different types of wet wipes, ensuring versatility to meet market demands. The machine also incorporates two heat seals to prevent liquid leakage, ensuring the integrity and quality of the packaged wet wipes.


Vippai’s VPD-250 Filling and Packing Machine is a versatile and efficient solution for wet wipes manufacturing. With its intelligent touch screen interface and servo motor control system, the machine offers convenient operation and stable performance. The adjustable mold allows for the production of wet tissues in various sizes without the need for mold changes. Manufacturers can choose between single or double pack output, and the non-woven fabric folding options provide flexibility for different wet wipe types. Additionally, the machine’s secure heat sealing ensures reliable packaging. Vippai continues to deliver innovative and reliable filling and packing machines, empowering wet wipes manufacturers to optimize their production processes.

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