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A Sturdy, Ergonomic, and Space-Saving Jockey Wheel for Your RV from DNL

When it comes to maneuvering and stabilizing your caravan, having a reliable heavy-duty jockey wheel is essential. DNL, a trusted brand in the industry, introduces their Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel for Caravan, designed to provide convenience, ease of use, and stability. This jockey wheel offers innovative features such as a space-saving foldable crank, an ergonomic knob for effortless operation, and a concise bracket design. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this heavy-duty jockey wheel.

Space-Saving Foldable Crank

The DNL heavy trailer jack features a foldable crank with an ingenious structure. This foldable crank enhances firmness while minimizing space requirements when in the retracting state. It allows for easy storage and transportation of the jockey wheel, making it a space-saving solution for caravan owners. Additionally, the foldable crank operates silently without any clicking noise, ensuring a quiet and smooth operation.

Ergonomic Knob for Effortless Operation

The jockey wheel is equipped with an ergonomic knob designed to offer users the best operating experience. This knob ensures ease of use and minimizes the feeling of tiredness during operation. With a comfortable grip and smooth rotation, caravan owners can effortlessly maneuver and position their trailers without straining their hands or experiencing discomfort. The ergonomic knob enhances user satisfaction and convenience.

Concise Bracket Innovation

The DNL Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel for Caravan showcases innovation with its concise bracket design. This design represents a highlight of DNL’s commitment to effective and efficient design principles. The concise bracket not only adds strength to the jockey wheel but also reflects simplicity in its construction. The combination of simplicity and increased strength ensures reliable performance and durability.


The DNL Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel for Caravan offers a space-saving, ergonomic, and stable solution for caravan owners. With its space-saving foldable crank, users can easily store and transport the jockey wheel. The ergonomic knob provides effortless operation and minimizes fatigue during use. The concise bracket design showcases DNL’s commitment to effective and efficient design principles. Furthermore, the tri-corn rim design adds an extra layer of stability, ensuring secure and stable performance in various applications. Upgrade your caravan with the DNL Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel for Caravan and experience the convenience, ease of use, and stability it brings to your towing experience.

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