6 Reasons to Look Forward to the Charmed Reboot

The original Charmed will forever remain in the hearts and minds of the audience and fans that watched the series. Besides the family dramas, the magical fights the three sisters encountered with the mythical creatures made the show more interesting. But the Charmed reboot is here, and there is more to expect. This ultimate TV show review explains the reasons to look forward to the Charmed reboot.

The Sisters Are Multiracial

Unlike the original Charmed, the sisters in the reboot are multiracial. The showrunners chose this aspect of their identities to inform their approaches to magical powers, as fans can later see. As the sisters learn and master their powers, it is easy to notice how their race influences this decision. Watching how the showrunners explore and integrate each race’s unique heritage and culture while maintaining the family bond and sisterhood is interesting.

There Is a College Campus Setting

In the original Charmed, the settling is in a family household. While most fights and events occur naturally, the household setting defines the family. In the reboot, there is a college campus setting. The sisters in the reboot are younger compared to the original show. According to showrunner Brad Kern the basis of the college campus setting is to address different social subjects, including sexuality, romance, and immigration, besides witchcraft and magical fights.

Fresh Young Blood

The reboot brings in fresh, young, and talented actors and actresses. The three sisters, Macy, Mel, and Madison, are much younger than the characters in the original Charmed. With fresh young blood comes more drama, which the characters bring to the show. It is interesting to watch how the sisters navigate college life while finding their purpose in the magical world.

More Demon and Monster Fights

The original Charmed has countable demons and mythical creatures that the sisters fight. One can easily predict the mythical creatures and the fighting strategies the sisters will use. In the Charmed reboot, it is hard to predict the kind of fight the three sisters will get into with the demons or monsters. The showrunners added mythical creatures and created hurdles to challenge the sisters and their magical powers.

Updates to the Power of Three

In both the original Charmed and the reboot, the three sisters have magical powers that make it possible to fight demons. In the original, Phoebe has the power of premonition. The reboot shows a power update as Madison is telepathically able. Piper has the time-freezing power, as is the case for Mel in the reboot. For the eldest sisters, Prue in the original and Macy in the reboot, both characters have telekinesis powers and are responsible for their siblings.

The Book of Shadows Retains Its Relevance

Without the Book of Shadows, the sisters would find it hard to understand and use their magical powers. Besides the guidance from the Whitelighter, the sisters still depend on the book’s knowledge to understand the world around them. In the reboot, the three sisters delve more deeply into the Book of Shadows’ knowledge to understand the demons and to perform magical powers.

As the Charmed reboot premier approaches, learning what to expect is prudent. What you know influences your interest in the reboot, especially after watching the original Charmed. This ultimate TV show review should be helpful.

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