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Unlocking the Future of Architectural Design: RSD Panorama-Sliding Door Systems

The RSD Panorama-Sliding Door Systems from HOMI represent a groundbreaking advancement in architectural design. With their minimalist panorama design, these aluminum alloy sliding doors seamlessly integrate into the building’s structure, creating an incomparable panoramic view that captivates the senses. The interlock frame, measuring a mere 26mm wide, and the embedded head and jamb, blend effortlessly into the wall, showcasing HOMI’s commitment to elegant and unobtrusive solutions.

Technological Sophistication

Elevating the user experience, the RSD Panorama-Sliding Door System offers optional electric control features that truly embody the future of smart living. Equipped with Mijia intelligent interconnection, these doors can be operated via voice control, remote opening and closing, and even provide power failure emergency operation, delivering a seamless and technologically advanced user experience.

Innovative Engineering

Meticulously designed, the motor and transmission system of the RSD Panorama-Sliding Door Systems are ingeniously hidden within the specially crafted profile structure, ensuring a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. Boasting an exclusively designed pulley system, these doors can effortlessly bear a maximum sash weight of 900kg, making them suitable for even the most expansive architectural projects.

Uncompromising Performance

Prioritizing both form and function, the RSD Panorama-Sliding Door Systems from HOMI demonstrate exceptional performance. The dedicated D-Plus handle, multi-point lock, and anti-misoperation device work in harmony to enhance security and hardware durability, while the exclusive sealing system ensures superior heat insulation and smooth operation. Moreover, the hidden drainage system allows for a flush bottom track, ensuring an unobstructed passage and a seamless integration with the surrounding environment.


To cater to the needs of large-scale projects, HOMI offers super-long stainless steel tracks, enabling the sliding doors to operate smoothly and silently, even with expansive dimensions. This attention to detail ensures that the RSD Panorama-Sliding Door Systems deliver a premium user experience, catering to the discerning preferences of modern architectural enthusiasts.

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