The Applications of the MORNSUN AC/DC Power Supply

If you’re in the market for an affordable, reliable power supply, you should look at the MORNSUN AC to DC Power Supply. This article will introduce you to 6 AC to DC converter power supply applications.

The Applications of the MORNSUN AC/DC Power Supply

  1. Rail Transit

Railway switches comprehensive monitoring system can achieve multiple parameters, full dynamic process image real-time monitoring, and more comprehensive control of the actual use of the switch state.

  1. Medical Treatment

An automatic blood cell analyzer uses resistance or laser scattering methods to collect blood cell information and amplify the detection signal.

  1. Coal and noncoal.

Mining personnel positioning system uses radio frequency technology, data processing, communication technology, and geographic information system, combined with positioning technology, truly realize the positioning of underground personnel and other business needs.

  1. Intelligent Building. Intelligent building

Smart home controllers for aesthetic and miniaturization, so the controller circuit board in such a small size is required to work reliably and to achieve the basic convenience of smart home functions.

  1. Electric power industry

Intelligent circuit breaker mainly includes data acquisition: input channel (such as analog input conversion and low-pass filtering loop), data processing, and the corresponding judgment of the digital part (such as CPU, memory).

  1. Automotive electronics

The reliability of the battery packs is guaranteed through monitoring and management of the battery packs.


MORNSUN power supplies can provide the performance and reliability you need to complete your work.

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