Sansure iPonatic® III Portable Molecular Workstation in Exhibition

Diagnostic testing is an essential component in a pathway to identify disease, infection, and other health concerns. The need for diagnostic tests has been so great that it has resulted in creation of diagnostics business exhibitions, such as this one in Germany. Sansure Biotech has unveiled iPonatic® III – Portable Molecular Workstation in Hall 3J92.

What is a Diagnostic Apparatus?

A diagnostic apparatus is a machine or device used to diagnose a disease or condition. Diagnostic appliances can be used to detect and identify diseases, monitor the progress of a disease, and predict the likelihood of developing an infection. Diagnostic apparatuses can be used to screen for diseases, diagnose diseases, and monitor the progress of diseases.

Medical Expo 2022: Overview

The largest medical trade show in the world for more than 40 years has been called Medica. The event has drawn thousands of foreign exhibitors and business people from all over the world to the display halls this year. Additionally, the exhibition has included several forums on the whole range of advances for clinical and outpatient care. Experts have offered in-depth knowledge on various issues, including healthcare politics, sports medicine, physiotherapy, and military medicine.

iPonatic® III Portable Molecular Workstation from Sansure

Sansure presided over a press conference announcing the brand-new iPonatic® III – Portable Molecular Workstation during the event. On stage, technicians demonstrated how the apparatus worked and gave the audience an overview of its main functions and applications.

The user-friendly, portable iPonatic® III molecular testing instrument delivers highly accurate test findings in 45 minutes. The apparatus is based on a one-tube fast-release and quick PCR amplification technique and has FDA and CE approval. Additional sample processing, nucleic acid extraction, purification, PCR amplification, fluorescence detection, and result processing optimization is achieved with Sansure POCT solution.

Additionally, iPonatic® III provides a comprehensive and expandable testing menu that satisfies the testing requirements of various pathogens. The technology, which guarantees an unmatched level of mobility and versatility, finds use in a variety of circumstances, including:

Emergency rooms, fever clinics, remote locations, medical labs, airports, and customs.


The medical exhibition is a one-stop platform for all your diagnostic needs. From the latest in medical technology to the newest devices development, this exhibition has it all. If you are looking for a way to improve your diagnostic capabilities, this is the place to be. With so many businesses under one roof, you are sure to find what you need to take your business to the next level.

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