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Photovoltaic Inverters of IEETek Take You on A Technological Journey

IEETek is well-known in lots of photovoltaic inverters manufacturers, providing dependable and efficient solutions for various solar power applications. IEETek has established itself as a trusted source of cutting-edge technology in the solar energy market, strongly emphasizing innovation and sustainability.

Introduction of main products

One of the essential products offered by IEETek is their single-phase grid-connected PV inverters.  These inverters come in 2KW and 3KW variants, providing a seamless connection to the electrical grid for residential and small commercial solar installations. With their compact design and advanced features, IEETek’s single-phase inverters are easy to install and operate, making them a popular choice among solar energy enthusiasts.At the same time, they offer single-phase grid-connected PV inverter 4KW/ 5KW/6KW, 3-phase grid-connected PV inverters 8KW/10KW/12KW, and micro-inverters for use with 400W/500W solar panel kits.

Feature of the products

The high efficiency of this device ensures a conversion rate of up to 97.5%. It achieves this through an enhanced dynamic MPPT algorithm that accurately and in real-time tracks the maximum power point (MPP). In addition to its high efficiency, this device boasts a compact and robust design. It is lightweight and easy to install, making it convenient for any application. With an IP65 protection grade, it offers superior waterproof performance. To enhance user experience, this device offers intelligent monitoring and is user-friendly. It allows for easy connection with GPRS or Wi-Fi modules, enabling remote system monitoring from anywhere and at any time. This can be done through a web portal or a mobile app.


Through rigorous quality control processes and extensive testing, IEETek ensures that its inverters meet the highest industry standards and are more functional and practical than other manufacturers. They are giving customers peace of mind and providing maximum durability and longevity.

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