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Introduction to YES TECH’s Outdoor Big Screen Rental and Creative LED Display Solutions

The need for visually stunning event experiences is at an all-time high, driven by the dynamic nature of event technology. The outdoor big screen rental and the creative LED display are two new items offered by YES TECH, a reliable producer of cutting-edge display solutions, to meet the needs of event organizers, marketers, and technology fans.

Outdoor Big Screen Rental: Elevating Outdoor Events

Outdoor events present unique challenges when it comes to creating a visually striking atmosphere. The outdoor big screen rental from YES TECH is designed to overcome these obstacles, delivering a high-quality, weatherproof display that can captivate audiences in any outdoor setting. With a robust construction and advanced weatherproofing, this system can withstand the elements, ensuring a seamless and reliable performance even in the face of unpredictable weather conditions.

Creative LED Display: Unleashing Artistic Expression

In the realm of creative expression, the creative LED display from YES TECH stands out as a true masterpiece. Featuring the MG7S Cube Series, this display offers a unique 45-degree corner screen, which can be combined with the MG conventional and creative-extended series to create a wide range of artistic and geometric shapes. With a pixel pitch of 3.9 or 5.9 mm and a compact cabinet size of 500*500*73 mm, the MG7S Cube Series provides a versatile and visually stunning platform for event organizers, designers, and installation professionals to bring their creative visions to life.

Superb Anti-collision Capability

Ensuring the reliability and durability of these display solutions is a top priority for YES TECH. The MG7S Cube Series features a special treatment for each LED lamp, enhancing its thrust and delivering stable, reliable performance. This attention to detail translates to a display system that can withstand the rigors of event environments, providing a robust and dependable solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.


YES TECH’s outdoor big screen rental and creative LED display solutions offer event organizers, marketers, and technology enthusiasts a comprehensive range of options to elevate their visual experiences. Whether it’s creating a captivating outdoor setting or unleashing artistic expression through custom-built displays, YES TECH’s innovative products and expertise ensure that every event leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

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