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Flying Drone 2.0 Series: High-Resolution LED Display Redefined

BAKO‘s Flying Drone 2.0 Series is a game-changer in the world of high-resolution LED displays. With its fine pixel pitch, ultra-thin design, and convenient front serviceability, this series delivers stunning image quality, ease of handling, and seamless installation.

Superb Image Quality with Fine Pixel Pitch

The Flying Drone 2.0 Series boasts a fine pixel pitch, ensuring super detailed images with minimal pixelation, even at close viewing distances. With this high resolution LED display, you can showcase your content with exceptional clarity and precision. Whether it’s detailed visuals, text, or high-definition videos, BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series brings your content to life and captivates viewers with its superior image quality.

Ultra-Thin & Lightweight Design

BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series redefines small pixel pitch LED screen design with its ultra-thin and super-light characteristics. Each cabinet weighs just 6kg and measures 600mm x 337.5mm, making it incredibly easy to handle and transport. This slim and lightweight form factor allows for versatile installation options and ensures a seamless integration into any space, whether it’s for indoor displays or outdoor signage.

Convenience and Control with Front Serviceability

The Flying Drone 2.0 Series offers 100% front service and installation, simplifying maintenance and enhancing convenience and control. With this feature, you can easily access all modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies from the front, eliminating the need for rear access. This streamlined approach not only makes maintenance tasks much easier but also reduces downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your high-resolution LED display.


BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series sets a new standard for high-resolution LED displays. With its fine pixel pitch, it delivers super detailed images with minimal pixelation, providing an immersive viewing experience. The ultra-thin and lightweight design ensures easy handling and transportation. The no-module frame design and hidden cable management system create a seamless, unified appearance. With 100% front serviceability, installation and maintenance are simplified, giving you convenience and control. Choose BAKO’s Flying Drone 2.0 Series for your high-resolution LED display needs and elevate your visual communication with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance.

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