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Elite Solar: Your Trusted PV Module Manufacturer for Reliable Solar Solutions

Elite Solar, a leading name among solar PV manufacturers, is dedicated to delivering reliable and high-quality PV modules. With a focus on innovation and aesthetics, Elite Solar offers a range of advanced modules designed for optimal energy harvesting and seamless integration into various architectural settings. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their certifications for withstanding wind and snow loads, as well as their modules’ excellent resistance to PID, salt mist, and ammonia.

Enhanced Energy Harvesting with Bifacial Technology

Elite Solar‘s PV modules incorporate advanced bifacial technology, enabling additional energy harvesting from the rear side of the module. This innovative design maximizes efficiency and power output, making their modules ideal for installations in various environments. With their 182-54 Type modules, you can enjoy the benefits of full black aesthetics, enhancing the visual appeal and integration of solar PV systems into buildings.

Reliability and Durability for Long-Term Performance

Elite Solar’s PV modules are engineered for long-term performance and durability. The low resistance characteristic of their modules minimizes mismatch losses, ensuring optimal energy conversion. Their modules are certified to withstand challenging conditions, including wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal). Additionally, their modules exhibit excellent resistance to PID, salt mist, and ammonia, making them suitable for a wide range of installations, including coastal and agricultural environments.


As a trusted PV module manufacturer, Elite Solar combines innovation, aesthetics, and durability to provide reliable solar solutions. With their bifacial technology, you can maximize energy harvesting from both the front and rear sides of the module. Their modules’ low resistance characteristic minimizes energy losses, ensuring efficient power conversion. Certified to withstand various environmental challenges, such as wind and snow loads, as well as exhibiting excellent resistance to PID, salt mist, and ammonia, Elite Solar modules are designed to deliver long-term performance and reliability.

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