An Overview of the ACEM MBA Education Program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) education program at ACEM is a degree program that has been approved by the Ministry of Education and the Academic Degrees Office of the State Council, giving access to a top-notch educational opportunity for foreign students.

What is an MBA in China for international students?

The curriculum of the ACEM international MBA program strongly emphasizes alignment with the stance of “internationalization based on China” and cultivates MBAs with a global perspective and a foothold in the home market. The project’s core courses, which are based on the fundamental MBA courses, cover strategic management of multinational firms, macroeconomics, and public policy to highlight Chinese expertise and experience.

Why should you study with ACEM?

The MBA education program at ACEM provides a thorough and distinctive approach to business education. The curriculum is created to provide you with the abilities and information needed to thrive in a cutthroat business environment.

At ACEM, we think that if you have the necessary resources and training, you can succeed in a big way. Because of this, the emphasis of our curriculum is on providing you with the information and abilities required to succeed in a global corporate environment.

In our curriculum, challenging education is combined with practical practice. Our professors have years of experience working for top businesses all around the world. This combination enables you to pick up knowledge from skilled experts and use what you’ve learned in the classroom in practical settings.

We also provide an unusual selection of chances for experiential learning. Working with firms in domestic and international contexts will provide you with practical experience. You may build your talents in a way that best matches your job goals thanks to this adaptability.


A business career may be your goal, and an ACEM MBA education may be the ideal path for you. We are certain that our graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities required to thrive in the challenging environment of today. If you wish to further your career, you might want to think about joining us right now.

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